SCADA Automation in power sector Bangladesh

 Courtesy: Nayem Sharker, ID-191001128, Department of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

SCADA is called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System. This is most popular automation system for industries and the power sector. At the major power plant system has used this automation to control and observation equipment to required command. In the region of our country, the SCADA system can be stabilized for transmitting & distributing efficient electrical power.

Working Process of SCADA System

SCADA is a data acquisition and controlling system. It has 4 working steps. At first its collects data from monitoring point or control point by the help of sensor, actuator or transducer. After that this field equipment data are process in IED, PLC & RTU. The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is back dated. At the beginning of SCADA system, it has been used. But now at all automation and controlling system use the Intelligent End Point Devise (IED) or Programable Logic Unit (PLC). The PLC and IED also similar but the IED have a greater number of input & output compere to PLC.  After the data acquisition the information passes over a communication channel or a WAN network to Master Terminal Unit (MTU). The MTU stored data and help visualize by HMI (Human Machine Interface) to make a diction or control of a equipment.

Why should we have stabilized SCADA in our country?

Bangladesh has around 11,123 KMS transmission and 6.14 lakhs KM distribution lines length. According to Power Cell, the total number of Grid Substation is 193 and Power plant is 146. The system loss of Bangladesh is 11.12%, transmission loss 3.06% and the distribution loss is 8.48%. By using the SCADA system measuring the field equipment data, it can be reducing the losses, increasing cost and the incorrect billing. The SCADA system of line measure often 25%- 30% accurate date to compere others. Through SCADA, we can control of a substation equipment, observe the condition and previous strategy and then we can make diction, it will work efficient or not in short time. The distribution load side can be control and observe by SCADA. It will be more efficient to generation power this the various of load in a short duration. In future Bangladesh power section will be fully automated and the generation plant and substation can be controlled by any point and provided an efficient power.

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