Human Energy to Electric Power

  Courtesy: Md. Aminul Hoque, Batch-201, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

Efficient use of your body can keep you fit and give you energy for later use. There is no point in working without profit. So many people do not like to do physical exercise. So, people are becoming lazy and incompetent day by day. But if people find benefit in physical exercise, they will do it willingly for their own sake.


The main objective is to make people fit as well as generate electricity as a by-product. Also creating a world full of electricity. Where no one has to think about load shedding. Providing electricity to people in rural areas even in poor countries, where people do not have access to electricity. From the desert and jungle to the modern home these things will become a product of exercise, fun and a smile on many faces.


In an era of mass production of energy, we are ignoring small sources of energy. But imagine a world where no fossil fuel is available and load shedding is a frequent thing. also thinking about rural areas. My method will be a very efficient technique to power one's device or home. Again, it will also reduce the load on a renewable power grid of future. Most importantly, no one will ever have to be in the dark again also in today’s world. Because with my idea everyone can have their own power plant in home.

Working function:

Cycling Bick Generator:

 The power generator cycle consists of a fly wheel with permanent magnets and coil of wire attached to a fixed frame. It will generate energy if anyone tries to operate it. It will have a fly-wheel to make it smooth and powerful. It will not stop directly but it will gradually reduce its power due to the fly-wheel. Also, one needs less effort to run it first. Once it is on, the speed can be controlled by adding or subtracting side wire coils with the automatic gear changer. More coils mean less speed and more power. Thus, one can adjust the device according to his physical capabilities. Which will help one to do proper physical exercise.

Weight stacks Generator:

For upper body exercises we use weight stacks. We will attach a metal ball to the rope of the weight stack. The end point of the shape will be attached to the weight. The metal ball can easily slide through the pipe. There will be some static charge creator chips embedded in the pipe. This static charge will be stored in a battery through a circuit. This battery charge can later be used for various purposes.

Shoes of the future:

I'm not talking about any ordinary shoes. These shoes can charge mobile batteries. Such shoes can be easily manufactured using static charge generators and smart voltage control circuits. These shoes will also be water proof and durable. And one can go anywhere without carrying a charger or stressing about his mobile battery running out. And if your mobile is charged, you can use GPS, torch, mobile network for data exchange. You just need to remove the dead battery from your phone, take the charged battery from the shoe and put it in the mobile and walk with the dead battery in your shoe. Which will be charged again after walking for a while.


1)      We can generate energy anytime:

 As these are indoor devices. We don't have to think about weather conditions to generate energy like solar or wind energy.

2)      You can have a physically fit body:

By using these we can do physical exercise regularly. In this way, we can keep ourselves and our family members fit.

3)      Regular Exercise will become more fun:

It will be a great game as well as a learning thing for children. Also, this stuff will create curiosity in kids about the working principle of electronics.

4)      Electricity consumption will be reduced:

This device will save electricity in many ways. As they will know how difficult it is to generate electricity. Also, by behavior people will try to use their own energy thus automatically saving energy unintentionally.

5)      People in rural areas will have their own source of energy:

1 hour of pedaling or pulling one can produce 4 to 5 hours of power from some led light bulbs. In this way the rural people can do their work at night. Students can also do their studies.

6)      Sustainable and long-lasting energy source:

These devices are very easy to construct and maintain. Also, spare parts are widely available. That way anyone will be able to build and replace it themselves.

7)      No tension for weather conditions:

All these devices will be indoor devices and operated by humans. Thus, nothing can affect its power generation efficiency. People at home can generate electricity and use it anytime.

8)      24-hour availability:

Run devices whenever you need electric power. You will have access to electricity for 24/7.

9)      Available and easy to maintain.

10)  A quick backup system:

No need to worry about load shedding or blackouts. You can turn on your led bulb in no time with these devices.

11)  No need to worry about charging your phone:

Imagine being able to travel without your charger but still be able to use your mobile without the tension of running out of battery. People don't need to carry extra batteries or power banks for their devices. They can go anywhere in this world without any thought of being disconnected from humanity.


The initial price of this device may seem a bit high. But unlike regular appliances they can give you power. Can make your gym fun, increase your desire to exercise regularly. It can also be the only source of energy for homes in rural areas.


These things can be used everywhere for physical exercise and generate electricity. We can use these in,

1.      Gym

2.      Modern city houses.

3.      Rural areas.

4.      People live in deserts or cold cities.

5.      Those who like to travel.


In this modern era, people are becoming lazy day by day due to less physical activity. It also causes various health problems and physical disabilities at a young age. I think it can give a man both physical strength and make it fun for him. Also, I think it can bring electricity to any house in this world. No one has to worry about load shedding anymore. This technology will also be suitable for people who do not have access to electricity, live in remote areas or cold climates, and people living in deserts. We should use our body properly to stay strong and healthy. Also, to make the world a better place for our future generations and conserve energy.

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