Nikola Tesla’s Scalar Waves, Tesla coil and the ‘Greatest Scientific Discovery’

 Courtesy: MD Monirul Islam,Tamim Islam Reshad, Ashis Pal, Md Abid Hasan, Sabikul Islam, Batch-223, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

Nikola Tesla’s Scalar Waves:

What is a scalar wave?  

Scalar waves exist as physical or non-physical components of all matter, but we will talk about them mainly in relation to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every electromagnetic wave has one component called transverse wave and another component called longitudinal scalar wave.  

Most people who are interested in health, wellness, science and buried history understand who Nikola Tesla was and the importance of many of his inventions related to electricity and energy.  

Of course, the Serbian-born genius was not only responsible for the AC (alternating current) motor, but also for something that is often called the "greatest scientific discovery" to date: the scalar wave.  

Nikola Tesla was the definition of a humanitarian. 

How Nikola Tesla’s Scalar Waves work:

In 2020, EMF Harmonized was developed by this author in collaboration with a mechanical  engineer/scientist who hold patents on 2G and 3G technology, with the aim of using Nikola Tesla's  scalar wave technology and applying it to human health and well-being.  

EMF Harmonized Technology works by programming over 300 beneficial frequencies into our Mylar holograms via Nikola Tesla's longitudinal scalar waves.  

These frequencies are derived from the bioelectric fields of molecular structures from various plant compounds, minerals, phytonutrient compounds, flavonoids, oils and other beneficial earth-derived  frequencies that are then programmed into the Mylar hologram.  

Mylar is a form of polyester film used in the international space program for its high tensile strength,  chemical and dimensional stability, and electrical insulation.  

Just like a credit card strip signals the transfer of information, our Mylar technology carries over 300  stored frequencies. The hologram acts to seal the frequencies on the disc and acts as a prism to transmit  signals to the body. This results in beneficial physiological effects on the body

Tesla Coil:

Nikola Tesla was able to make such a breakthrough that electricity could be sent from one place to  another without him. At that time he built a 187 feet high Tesla Tower with funds from a famous  businessman from where electricity can be sent without him. And he planned to electrify the whole  world for free.  

He wanted to use the whole earth as a conductor. And it was successful. But before the completion of  the project, the investors suddenly stopped providing money. Because the electricity companies were afraid that if the whole world was given free electricity, many companies would go bankrupt. The  invention is lost. Otherwise today we would have got free electricity without him.  

Probably Tesla’s most famous invention and certainly one of his most spectacular, the Tesla coil was a  product of his ambition to create a system that could transmit electricity wirelessly.  

Scientists have built Tesla-like coils. This coil can send 1.6 KW electricity in 1 km. All electrical equipment  including TV, fridge, fan will not need electric cable. It is possible to send electricity with the help of coils.  

The system consists of two parts – a primary and secondary coil, both of which have their own  capacitator (which stores electrical energy, like a battery). The primary coil is hooked up to a power source from which it receives a massive charge, to the point that the charge breaks the air resistance in the space between the two coils (known as the spark gap). This creates a magnetic field that soon collapses, generating an electric current in the secondary coil. Sparking voltage zips between the two  coils several hundred times a second, charging the secondary coil’s capacitator until it bursts free in a  spectacular bolt of electrical current.  

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