Revolution in Smartphone Industry: Bi-GaN HEMTs Technology

Courtesy: Syed A. B. Tahmeed, Md. Abu Abdullah, Ibna Zihad Fiham, Mridul Hasan Naim, Omit Hasan, Hujaifa Ahmmed Tanvir, Shahriar Hossain Shihab, Batch-223 & 221, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

How will it appear to you if there is no heat produced when you are charging your phone? Chinese company Innoscience Technology has brought us such a pleasant surprise.

A device with much higher frequency, efficiency, and lower resistance, which can reduce temperature rise by 40%, is calling us towards a better future. Due to its low operating resistance and high breakdown voltage, a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) built of gallium nitride (GaN) shows promise as a next-generation power semiconductor device that can boost efficiency and miniaturize a variety of power and energy equipment. Fast charging will be feasible without sacrificing reliability or running the risk of dangerous temperature spikes. It will also save space. It has also been revealed that OPPO, a well-known producer of consumer electronics and mobile phones, controls the battery's charging and discharging currents using the new BiGaN components. This is the first time that such protection, based on GaN technology, has been integrated within the phone itself. Previously, silicon MOSFETs has been used in phones for fast charging, but resulting in much temperature rise and energy cost. But now with the help of Bi-Gan HEMTs Technology the chip size is reduced by 70%, on-state resistance is cut in half, and temperature rise is also cut in half. So, it will reduce space usage as well as temperature rise. 

Figure: Simplified Layout of GaN HEMT Technology

The first smartphone manufacturer in the world to use a GaN device as a direct charging load switcher, OPPO, has also hinted at implementing this wide bandgap technology in next editions of its phones. Comments of Yi Sun, Sr VP of product development at Innoscience: "The application of BiGaN products inside smartphones marks the arrival of a new era for GaN. We are delighted and indeed honoured that OPPO has announced that it is using our innovative bi-directional HEMTs in their onboard fast-charging circuit. We look forward to further collaboration to deliver solutions that offer advanced performance.

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