Importance of modern computer in pharmacy or pharmaceutical science

 Courtesy: Marzia Zahan Tisha, Student, Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh.

Scientists working with computer in laboratory

Modern computers have a far-reaching role in pharmaceutical science like everywhere in our lives. Basically, computers are almost related to every corner of pharmacy field. The field of pharmacy is stunningness completely profited by utilization of computers getting and contrasting the data with yield a precise examination.

The beneficial uses of computer in different sector of pharmaceutical science are mentioned below with a short description:

v Computer Aided Design of Drugs (CAAD):

Ø CAAD is a process of pronouncement of new medications. IT helps the chemist to design the new molecules and improve their efficiency of action with a base of the refined graphics software existing.

v Computer in retail pharmacy:

Ø Computer have diverse uses in retail pharmacy. For example: providing a receipt for patients, inventory control purpose, records of various drug data, printing of billing and payment details etc.

v Computer in pharmaceutical industry:

Ø Computer is useful for the pharmaceutical industry, as it is every useful for drug design, crude drug identification, drug information, storage and retrieval, the bulk drug and pharmaceutical manufacturer.

v Data management:

Ø Computers in pharmacy are used for the information of drug data, records and files, drug management, and business details.

v Computers in hospital pharmacy:

Ø Computers are used in hospital pharmacies for receiving and allotment of drugs professional supplies, patient monitoring and information of patient’s records, and storing the details of every individual.

v Computers in aided learning:

Ø Digital libraries are playing a key role in pharmacy field. Computer aided learning is helping us to update the latest advances in drug discovery. To readily access and structure the information in a well-organized way computer aided learning is beaconing as a part of pharmacy education.

v Clinical trial management:

Ø  Clinical trials are the essential part of drug development, which evaluates the pharmacological benefits. Computer software's helping to ensure the safety of drugs development.

v Computers in pharmaceutical formulation:

Ø  Before releasing a new drug on the market, the pharmacist can easily check the formulation of the drugs by using computer application.

v Inventory control:

Ø  By inventory control along with computers, pharmacists can check the quality of medications.

v Computer in Pharmaceutical Research:

Ø  The field of pharmacy is awe fully benefitted by the use of computers getting and comparing the information to yield an accurate study. In the field of operation like new drugs discovery, drug design analysis and manufacturing of drugs, and hospital pharmacy computers are widely used.

v Adverse Drug Event:

Ø  Pharmacists can monitor the Adverse Drug Event through the design of drugs management and the result of drugs by using computer.

A  At the end, needless to say, in pharmaceutical field, using computers reduces the time, expenditure, and manpower required for any kind of work, it makes the research sustainable, less expensive, and also perfective. So, I always prefer to use computers in this field.

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