Inspiration4 - World's first All-Civilian Mission to Orbit

 Courtesy: Minhaz-Ul-Karim Asif, Batch-201, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh.

Can a civilian go to space? 

What if a bunch of civilians try to go to earth’s orbit?

 Seems very futuristic thought but the future is here!!!

With the vision of SpaceX, commanded by billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, world’s first All-Civilian Human Spaceflight Mission to Earth’s Orbit launched on 16 September, 2021 from Florida, Kennedy Space Centre.

The mission is called “Inspiration 4” the first full crew of nonprofessional astronauts to fly to space. None of the four participants are professional astronauts. In the past, they have been government-employed and trained civilians or members of the military.

The civilians were taken into famous Dragon Crew Capsule which was previously used for sending first ever human space flight to International Space Station by a private space exploration company


The Inspiration4 mission was the second flight of Resilience, following its use for Crew-1. It also marked the fourth crewed flight of a Crew Dragon.

Jared Isaacman purchased this multiday flight from SpaceX for an undisclosed fee. The four-person crew have raised awareness and funds worth $200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where this milestone represents a new era for human spaceflight and exploration.

Inspiration4 have four seats representing the mission pillars of Leadership, Hope, Generosity, and Prosperity.

Let’s have a look at our 4 crew members of this historical mission -

Resilience and its crew circled Earth solo for three days, zooming about 367 miles (590 kilometers) above our planet. That's higher than any Crew Dragon had ever gone before and significantly higher than the International Space Station which orbits at an average altitude of 250 miles (400 km), flying farther than any human since Hubble Space Telescope.

Resilience gained a new domed window for Inspiration4, offering the crew-members 360-degree view. The window replaced the equipment that allowed the capsule to dock with the space station on Crew-1, since the Inspiraton4 flight remained independently in orbit.

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