Digital Lighting arrestor for safe human life

 Courtesy: Md. Hasan, Batch-211, Department of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh.

Lightning Arrester is an electronic device. It brings the high voltage of  the power system to the ground. But it acts as a lightning barrier  here. Usually Lightning Arrester is used at home. But the lighting  arrester I will show can be used in the open field. It is very rare. Made  in less time and cost.

A plate with a conductor should be attached to the  head of a dry wood. A wire should be pulled with the conductor and  buried in the ground. The device will then have to be set in the open  field based on the specific area. How much space the device will keep  safe will depend on the length of the dried wood. There will be no  damage to the surroundings.

In our country, many people have died  due to waste in recent times, especially the farming community and  those who work in the fields. The purpose of this device is to save  them. It can save the lives and property of the people in the areas  where there is a lot of waste. The device will have a positive impact on  the economy, including the protection of human life and property.  Because lightning damages human lives and livestock and has a  negative impact on the economy of the family and the country.  However, it can be remedied if the device is used properly. This device  is made at very low cost and easy with little effort. The device can be  used for a long time. It does not harm the environment. There is no  possibility of an accident by the device. People can use it very safely. If  the device can store lightning charge Then the power sector of  Bangladesh will be prosperous.

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