Time and Motion Studies Can Make Someone's Tasks Easier.

 Courtesy: Ahanaf Ahmed, Batch-201, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

Whether it is an office, an educational institution, or business sector, we all have our own way of doing our daily tasks. For some difficulties like time management, lack of enough knowledge about the task, absence of task outline, we can't be able to finish our task within time. We can skip these troubles by organizing the steps of "Time and motion" study.
A time and motion study is the analysis of the exact motion required by a person to complete a task as well as time required to do so. While the motion study is used to enhance working method, time study's primary goal is to set a standard time. It was invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gibreth.
Nowadays, most of the students are dealing with depression and anxiety due to not being able to finish their work before the deadline. They may be unable to concentrate due to time and messy chapter management. Some of them may really want to complete their task on time but they can't then thinking about the consequences. That negative thinking leads them to further losses and it’s becoming a big obstacle in the way of completing the tasks. In this case, a perfect brainstorming idea about the task can effectively help them to complete their task on time by making a schedule or chart according to time-date and the subjects of the task. 
In industrial engineering time and motion study is basic set of tools used by industrial engineers to increase operational efficiency through work simplification and setting of standards usually in combination with a wage-incentive system designed to increase worker’s motivation.
Actually, the goal of motion study is to enhance work performance (quantity and quality of output) of human operator through analysis and improvement of body and hand movements. Motion study can be through analysis and improvement at a micro level and is a part of human efforts industrial engineers. 
Basically, it was first instituted in office and factories in the United States in early 20th century. These studies came to be adopted on a wide scale as a means of improving the method of work by subdividing the different operations of a job into measurable elements. Such analyses were used as aids to standardization of work and in checking the efficiency of people and equipment and the mode of their combination.
The time and motion study allows us to accomplish bigger results in a shorter period of time which leads to more time freedom, helps us to focus better, allows us to be more productive, lowers our stress and helps us to complete our tasks within time.


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