Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

 Courtesy: Md Shahriar Islam, Student, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

In recent times, a new and promising sector is spreading over the world which is the Electric vehicle industry. More than hundreds of manufacturing companies are working on this subject. In south Asian countries, many people are using EVs or Electric Vehicles to earn and run their families. Bangladesh is not different in this case. But electric cars or bikes can be efficient and useful for personal uses as well. It is high time, we took initiatives to create space for these transports. Moreover, electric transportation system is better for short distance and also provides a better riding experience.

1. Good For Nature

Electric vehicles run without any type of fossil fuel. This definitely helps to improve our current environmental issues. Obviously, the rates of CO2 and CFC gas decreased by a decent number. Day by day, we are destroying our environment and it is the main reason for climate change. But this department can make a huge change. Besides, electric vehicles do not sound much so that sound pollution decreases. If we use electric vehicles instead of motor vehicles, our environment will be a healthier place to live.

2. Scope For Employment

This industry is growing day by day. Companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, BYD, NIO, Fisker and many more are manufacturing electric vehicles continuously. These companies are planting assembly points and factories in different parts of the world. So, it is an opportunity for the unemployed to get a job. As a result, the world’s employment percentage will go up and it is a very good sign not only for the world but also for individual countries.

3. A New Hope For third world countries

Since giant companies are establishing factories in different parts of the world, it seems to be a helpful step for the underdeveloped countries. Foreign investments are boosting their economy and helping to reduce unemployment rate. 

4. Well Controlled Vehicle For User

Electric bikes and cars are basically manufactured for all types of users. So, it is very comfortable and convenient to ride or drive. In addition, acceleration and braking experience are far better than the other motor vehicle.

5. Low Cost Of Maintenance

These engines are not so expensive. So the maintenance cost is not that much compared to the other motor’s engines. The other parts are also low pricing and available in the market. However, from the lower middle class families to higher class families can afford these vehicles. 

6. Decent Resale Value

This sector offers us bikes or cars at a low price. For this, when an owner wants to sell his/her bike or car, he/she gets a good price. On the other hand, many dealers provide exchange offers.

What is to improve? 

1.  Lack of marketing: This industry needs more recognition. They should boost up their marketing process and come to the field with a good marketing strategy.

2. Limitation in charging point: there are a smaller number of charging points in the using countries. Not only that, only one or two chargers are available in the charging points. Often users have to wait a long time for their turns. It is one of the worst sides of this sector. So, they should install more chargers in their charging points. 

3. Takes a long time to charge: Chargers are not highly powered. It causes a longer time to charge fully. For this, fast charging system has to be available.

At a glance, we can see there are some drawbacks in this industry. But on the other hand, some benefits are also here to cover up those. Combination of electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering makes these products much more attractive and beautiful. We should support the sector and make this world healthier, productive and economic.

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