Wireless Power Transfer

 Courtesy: Md. Asif Hasan, Al Mumitu Islam Ayon, Salman Farsy, Abu Bakar Siddik, Shakhawat Hosen, Raisul Islam Tonmoy, Arnesh Chakma, Batch-223, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is the process where electrical energy is transmitted from a power source to an electrical load across an air gap using same fields & waves, radio frequencies & inductions. As modern technology progresses, new developments come in all different shapes and sizes. One of those innovations is wireless power transfer. It is very beneficial for us to keep our electric gadgets stable. Though it is somehow in early stage but looking forward to appear largely. It has improved our day to day life & also contributing in our transportation system.

In our every day life it is now mandatory for us to use electronic based things. The usual example of wireless charging is in smartphones. But now a days people are contributing in technologies in various ways & they discovered E Vehicles. E vehicles mean electric vehicles. In our daily life we need travel a lot for different purposes. The transportation system usually we depend runs on oil such as petrol, diesel, octane, gasoline. It runs the machine but produces Carbon Mono Oxide(CO) which is very harmful for our environment. To reduce the pollution happening by vehicles, some of the experts worked together & invented e vehicles in which battery is used replacing oil. Basically the electric vehicles can go from one place to another by using battery power. In this case the batteries need to be charged timely to keep running. By this recent invention we can charge our vehicles very easily without any hesitation.

How it works:
1. For mobile & gadgets:
 Mainly the wireless mobile charging started on 2017 by iPhone. Then every company started analyzing the feature. Day by day this feature gained everyone’s praise. In a smartphone a small battery is used & that’s why the charge doesn’t stay longer. Because of charging repeatedly the cable might break after some days which is very annoying. So there is only one solution for this problem which is wireless charging. 
It works by an electromagnetic coil while an induction coil is in charging base & it creates a magnetic field. There is an another smaller coil in the phone which receives and harvests the energy & convert back to usable to battery.

 2. Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles: 
Suddenly the wireless system for charging is making a hype in the transportation sector. Now a days people are using E Vehicles a lot because now they are aware of pollution & healthy environment. By this invention maybe there will be at least a bit change in the climate change. For wireless charging in vehicles the basic principle is the same as transformer. There are transmitter & receiver, 220 V 50 Hz Ac supply converted into high frequency which is supplied to transmitter coil then it creates alternating magnetic field that cuts the receiver coil and causes the production of AC power output in receiver coil. In WPT we have to maintain a resonance frequency so compensation are added at both sides. After that the AC power at the receiver side rectified to DC fed to the battery through BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(BMS). There are two types of Electric Vehicle charging system which are 1. Static wireless charging system & 2. Dynamic wireless charging system. In Static wireless charging system the vehicles can be charged when its in static position. In this method we can park the vehicle in a place where there is a transmitter is fitted underneath the ground & receiver is arranged underneath the vehicle. The charging time depends on the AC supply power level, distance between the transmitter & receiver and their pad sizes. In Dynamic wireless charging system the vehicle can be charged while its in motion. The power transfers through the air from a transmitter to the receiver coil in a moving vehicle. Because of its continuous charging facility the travelling range could be longer than static. It helps to reduce the big energy storage which can also reduce the weight of the vehicle. 

Obstructions of WPT :
Although we can have a lot of benefits there are some problems we’ll have to face after or before making the Wireless Power Transfer system. At such point we can see it reduces our money wasting in wires but also reproduces the cost in big amount on the other hand because of its high maintenance cost and area. So that is too much expensive for bigger implementation. To make it happen we need a significant place to arrange of its high cost all the settlement. 
Because everyone can not afford it by the way. To install all the system on the road new infrastructure development is required as current arrangement are not suitable for the installations. Everyone also can not buy the E Vehicles because of its high prices. There is a health issue too. Because of maintaining high frequency , producing micro waves & AC power supply the place become harmful for the people related to the WPT. Microwaves are very dangerous to human life & health. Its high frequency is also a matter of concern for health & safety. It also interferes the existing communication systems. Though it works wirelessly it can not cover long distance charging capability.

In spite of having some obstructions there are a lot of benefits or advantages of WPT. In some situations wireless power transfer becomes very useful because the interconnecting wires are inconvenient & maybe hazardous. By this method not just smartphones & E Vehicles charging but also can transfer power from station to station. While transferring power we don’t need external wires so we also don’t need high transmission power lines. Just because of not using high transmission line the cost reduces. Because of not using wires and cables the portability of electric devices increases. It also reduces power loss. Wireless power transfer system also participating in good way of climate changing. It is avoiding pollutions & the air is remaining neat & clean. 
There are advantages , disadvantages of everything in this world. In this modern era in keeping with times we all must pay attention to save our world. This is also a way saving the world. Removing all the obstructions we all can go forward to make it possible to stop pollution and live a healthy life. No Carbon Mono Oxide will come out from the vehicles. With the introduction of Wire charging technology, no more waiting at charging stations for hours, now get your vehicle charged by just parking it on parking spot or by parking at your garage or even while driving you can charge your electric vehicle. As of now, we are very much familiar with wireless transmission of data, audio and video signals so why can’t we transfer power over the Air. Wireless power is an affordable and reliable cost-efficient solution for delivering electrical energy. So finally we can say that in future this is going to be a wonderful invention.

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