Renewable Energy Scam or The Real Charm of The New Era of Technology

 Courtesy: Saiful Islam, Batch-191, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh

Using Renewable Energy,

I'm well aware that this phrase is widely used at this moment. Because the energy sector is changing to be more sustainable with the use of renewable energy sources as solar photovoltaic, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and biogas and others. These energy sources are easily accessible from nature. So the whole world are moving toward to this technology.

However, there is a false belief or rumor going around that renewable energy is nothing more than a giant con. But why is this taking place? I did some research and discovered that some people believe that because renewable energy is so expensive, it is not for the average person. And some of them claim that our dependence on fossil fuels—which are sufficient to meet our electricity needs—is great. Some people believe that because nature is the primary source of renewable energy, humans cannot totally rely on unpredictably occurring events.

It is undeniable that since the industrial revolution, human activity has caused the world to warm up. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and gas, account for more than 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions and almost 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions, making them by far the biggest cause of climate change in the world. In order to prevent the worst effects of climate change, emissions must be cut in half by 2030 and to zero by 2050. Whereas the word "renewable energy" refers to energy that is clean, sustainable, and obtained from naturally replenishing sources. Additionally, it produces almost no pollution or greenhouse gases, which is beneficial for the environment and human health. It has affordable costs. That's advantageous for maintaining reasonable energy prices.

According to Global Energy Consumption by Source, the usage of electricity is increasing quickly and is a vital part of civilization. But if we continue to use fossil fuels, carbon emissions and pollution will rise significantly. Therefore, we must increase our use of renewable energy. A record 522 TWh of additional renewable electricity was produced in 2021, with wind and solar PV accounting for nearly 90% of this growth. After only a 0.4 percentage point growth in 2021, the proportion of renewable energy in the world's electrical generation increased to 28.7%. Even if the entire globe is moving toward renewable energy, scams still exist. Although renewable energy may have certain drawbacks, it is still incredibly environmentally friendly and is what we most need to rescue the earth. Therefore, everyone needs to dispel the rumor and become aware of the true sustainability. Considering that it is time to usher in a new era of sustainable technology.

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