“Career Talk - টাকা দে দুবাই যামু ”

Green EEE Club has successfully completed the career talk event having around 50-60 participants as part of EEE Day – 2021 (Beyond Virtual) celebration on 30th October 2021 at 08.00 pm. With the presence of honorable guests, an open discussion about career paths in different sectors was held with alumni students and current students. The honorable discussants of the session were:

  • Halima Khanam, Manager (CRM)
  • Raihanur Islam, Senior Networking Engineer 
  • Rejaul Karim, CEO, TNS Engineering LTD. 

The guests shared some important tips to improve educational life, the job sector perspective of EEE, and some of their experiences. They also focused on the development of some important soft skills while studying at the university. They also assured us of internships and overall support in the job sector for our students. The event was also a question & answer session. Participants asked a number of important questions, and the guests gave their proper answers and guidelines.

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